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What can GUIDrive Do?

  • Lets you advertise and market your brand every time you plug in your drive
  • Provide links to specific pages on your site
  • Provides a 'Start Menu' specifically for the USB device
  • Portable applications can be loaded on the device
  • Programs can be readily added and removed by the user
  • Provides 'Quick List' scrollable area for frequently accessed programs and links
  • Includes 'My Mobile Documents' and 'My Recent Documents' for direct and quick access to documents
  • Backup & Restore provides means of re-creating the device if original is lost or misplaced

Try it out now!

Install Instructions:

  • Download and unzip
  • Drag all files and folders into main directory of a blank flash drive
  • Eject the drive from computer
  • Plug drive back into computer
  • When prompted to do so click "Start GUIDrive"


GUIDrive | Guide - Drive | is a portable LaunchPad provided on promotional USB media. GUIDrive purpose is to provide the customer with a useful application they will continue to use and thus, present promotional content on a regular basis. It adds tremendous value to your flash drive give-aways.

USB devices are typically used to carry valuable documents and applications that the end user would like to access across multiple PCs - for example, at work, at home, while traveling etc. Given the large capacity of modern USB devices, managing an extensive collection of files becomes difficult and cumbersome. GUIDrive's™ user friendly interface design makes navigating and finding files on your USB device much easier. GUIDrive's™ branding area is fully customizable (branding, artwork and promo content).

GUIDrive™ - Graphical User Interface Drive with Customizable Advertising LaunchPad is developed and produced by MMI based on licensed technology (patents pending) from ClevX, LLC.

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